Women in Arthroplasty: Comments We've Heard

Video project to address gender-biased comments heard in the workplace
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The AAHKS Women in Arthroplasty Committee (WIA), in partnership with the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society (RJOS), is creating a video to address comments from colleagues and patients experienced by women orthopaedic surgeons that are inappropriately gender biased or derogatory in nature.

The purpose of this video is to bring awareness of gender inequality in the field of orthopaedics, potentially transform culture, and curb unacceptable behavior. The format of the video will be similar to a video produced by females in ministry titled, “Seriously? Actual things said to female pastors in the NCSynod.”

We would greatly appreciate it if you provided us with comments and quotes that you have personally received from colleagues and patients that are gender based or derogatory in nature.

This form is anonymous, and the quotes that are chosen for the video will not be attributed to any person or institution.

Please only submit comments if you are a female orthopaedic resident, fellow or attending.