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What Patients are Reading: Medical Tourism in Arizona

Wait times in Canada for hip and knee replacements can exceed more than a year, and a health care advocacy firm in Toronto is looking to the US to accommodate Canadian citizens. The city of Surprise, Arizona is home to 350 Canadian companies and is a tourist destination for more than one million Canadians. According to the… Read More

Bloomberg Reports on Use of Alternatives to Opioids

Recognizing the growing practice trend of using regional anesthesia, ibuprofen, acetaminophen and Novocain in the operating room, Bloomberg reported on the benefits to patients. The alternative pain control is being used for orthopaedic surgery and other types of surgeries as well. The article covers the reasons for the switch and how state laws play a part. Full story.

Senior Olympian Earns Gold, Silver Medals

Wally Dashiell, 93, of Stevensville, Alabama, took home gold and silver awards in the National Senior Olympics held in Birmingham this month. A track and field athlete in all areas including distance running and jumping, Dashiell now focuses on the hammer throw after receiving a total knee replacement in 2013 and a total hip replacement in 2015. She… Read More

What Patients are Reading: Home after Surgery

Twin Cities PBS, featured the article “Should You Go Home after a Hip or Knee Replacement?” in their Next Avenue online media publication for older adults. Citing studies by AAHKS members Douglas E. Padgett, MD and William J. Hozack, MD, the article explains how patients fare well when recovering at home immediately following TJR surgery. Full story.

What Patients are Viewing: New Hip/Knee Techniques

Dr. Max Gomez of CBS New York featured a story this week that focuses on new technologies in hip and knee replacement surgery that make recovery quicker. Dr. Gomez reports, “Total joint replacements are now being done in younger and much older patients — younger because knees and hips are easily lasting 20, even 30 years and more,… Read More

Rocker Talks about THR

Mötley Crüe founder and bassist, Nikki Sixx, had hip replacement surgery last month in Los Angeles. The 58 year-old heavy-metal rock star has been touring since the early 80s and is producing a Broadway musical based on his New York Times best-selling autobiography. According to WAAF in Boston, after his surgery, Sixx was “amazed by the time it… Read More

Anthem/Cigna Merger Blocked Again

Health insurers Anthem and Cigna Corp. failed in their appeal to merge again this week. According to Modern Healthcare, “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld a lower court ruling from February that blocked the two insurers from merging on grounds that the combination would harm competition, particularly in the national employer market.” Full story.

What Patients are Reading: NYT Rehab at Home

The New York Times covered recent studies on the benefit of patients rehabilitating at home as opposed to in-patient rehabilitation centers. “It may surprise many to learn that, even if joint replacement patients live alone, the overwhelming majority recover equally well and may experience fewer complications if they go home directly from the hospital and get outpatient rehabilitation… Read More

Professor Studying Hip Replacements in Space

The Bournemouth University Orthopaedic Research Institute in the United Kingdom is heading up a surgical robotics study that will explore the idea of performing hip replacement surgery in space. According to the Daily Echo, orthopaedic surgeon Robert Middleton intends to propose the idea to the Mars One organization for their mission to settle humans on Mars. Citing advancements… Read More

Kiplinger’s Examines TJR

The May issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance features the article, “Boomers Go Bionic,” that goes in depth into the history of hip and knee arthroplasty, the TJR process, the latest advancements, symptoms, outcomes and cost. The author, a bi-lateral TKR patient herself, interviewed several AAHKS members for the article including President, Mark I. Froimson, MD, MBA and Immediate Past… Read More