Later this year, AAHKS will be moving into the newly-constructed Orthopaedics Headquarters Building along with the AAOS in Rosemont, Illlnois. We are calling on AAHKS members to help us decorate the new space by contributing original photographs for our walls that will represent who our members are.

Please submit up to five original photos that have meaning to you or inspire you in your work, your personal life, your travels or your local community. We will select 20 to be printed, framed and hung in the AAHKS suite with the name of the photographer included. All photos submitted will also be displayed on the AAHKS website. Please send your submissions along with your name and where the photo was taken to  by Monday, September 29, 2014.

By submitting photos to us, you agree that they are your original work and that AAHKS can reproduce them with attribution for display and also to post the image on the AAHKS website.