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Moving Annual Meeting?

AAHKS members have been asked to weigh in on the future location of the Annual Meeting in an email survey sent out May 22. The Annual Meeting has always been held in Dallas for its central location and convenient flights from both coasts. We are contracted to remain in Dallas through 2016, but asked whether we should explore rotating the meeting among Dallas and other convenient cities. Over 70% of the 650 members who responded in the first 12 hours of the survey endorsed exploring other locations. If you haven’t yet responded, there’s still time to voice your opinion about Dallas, and to specify what other locations you prefer. Comment here, or reply to the emailed survey.


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One Response

  1. Courtland Lewis says

    Personally would prefer Chicago – half the time to travel with a lot more options but as a founding member, would probably be freaked out the first couple of meetings not held in Dallas . . . .