For Program Directors

Adult Reconstructive Hip and Knee/Musculoskeletal Oncology Fellowship Match Program
The Match

New Program Application

If your institution has never had an AAHKS/THS/TKS/MSTS Fellowship program, please download this form and return to the AAHKS Fellowship Match office at 9400 W. Higgins Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018.

Update Program Info

Log in to to manage your listing in the Match system. Email to update contact information on the AAHKS Fellowship listing page.

2020 Match Timeline

For training to begin in 2020

June 1, 2018 – July 2, 2018: Programs that participated in the April 2018 Match must log in to SF Match to update their program information.

  • A field was added: This program has a restrictive covenant. You must answer “yes” or “no”.
  • Please update your program description to indicate if you are able to accept international applicants.
  • If available, please include your interview dates.

IMPORTANT: Following each Match cycle, your number of positions is cleared and listed as “0.” Programs must update the number of positions they are offering for placement in 2020.

July 2, 2018: Deadline when agreements and payments must be received by AAHKS:

  1. Signed agreement (for new programs) or Exhibit A (for renewing programs) showing the number of available positions for the April 2019 Match for positions starting in July 2020 either mailed or emailed to
  2. Match fee of $500.00 check payable to AAHKS (include Match ID number in the memo) and mailed to:
    AAHKS Fellowship Match Office
    9400 West Higgins Road, Suite 230
    Rosemont, IL 60018-4976
    Do not email payment information. Your SF Match fee will be paid by AAHKS directly to SF Match. Once received by SF Match, your account with them will be listed as paid.

August 6, 2018: SF Match opens registration for the Adult Reconstructive Hip and Knee Fellowship Match and the Musculoskeletal Oncology Fellowship Match.

September 10, 2018 – March 25, 2019 (tentative): Programs interview selected applicants.

April 16, 2019: Rank list from programs and residents are due to SF Match.

April 30, 2019: MATCH DAY! Match results released.

April 30, 2019: Programs with unmatched positions are listed on the SF Match website.

June 2020: Residents complete PGY5.

July/August 2020: Fellowship training begins.

Rules for Fellowship Programs and Fellowship Program Directors

  • Applicants cannot be asked how they will rank their fellowship program or other training programs.
  • Programs may not request an applicant’s commitment to a program prior to the Match.
  • Programs will avoid contact with applicants between the interview and the Match date, especially in ways that may be viewed as active recruitment tactics, pressure tactics or bargaining for a position. Return visits after the interview are not to be requested or required by the program.
  • Programs may initiate or respond to contact with applicants as a courtesy, to restate their interest in the applicant and to provide additional information regarding the fellowship program.
  • Rank lists must remain confidential.
  • The Match is a binding commitment between the applicant and the institution, contingent on satisfactory completion of prerequisite training and any explicitly stated special requirements of your program.
  • Post-Match vacancies may be filled by direct negotiation. However, programs will not fill vacancies with any unauthorized agreements made prior to the Match, and will not attempt to fill vacancies with an applicant already matched elsewhere unless the applicant has obtained a formal written release from the matched program.
  • If programs do not intend to list Post-Match vacancies on the SF Match website, please contact SF Match.
  • Match violations are reported to the Match Administrator.
  • The Match rules will be enforced and any and all violations investigated and determination of penalty is at the discretion of Match Oversight Committee and the four organizations.