International Programs

AAHKS provides academic, social and cultural exchange opportunities with the aim of broadening the perspective of our membership on issues related to our specialty.

Our International Community

AAHKS has a growing membership of orthopaedic surgeons from countries outside of North America. The AAHKS International Committee is charged with establishing relationships with international specialty societies and organizing joint meetings. The Committee provides academic, social and cultural exchange opportunities with the aim of broadening the perspective of members on issues related to hip and knee arthroplasty.

Guest Society Program

AAHKS is committed to increasing the presence of international societies, their scientific research, and their members at our Annual Meeting to ensure we bring international perspectives and expertise to our members. Learn more.

Co-Branded Meetings

AAHKS believes that a greater interface with international orthopaedic societies with a similar focus on Hip and Knee surgery and patient care will serve to further our core mission and yours. Learn more.

Spanish-Language Webinar Recordings

AAHKS has partnered with Latin American orthopaedic societies to hold Spanish-language webinars to help augment education for residents and those in need of additional hip and knee training in areas where there is need. Click to view.

Calendar of Events

The AAHKS International Committee has created an international calendar of events and is collecting information about global hip and knee conferences. View the calendar.

International Membership

Adult reconstructive surgeons outside of the US and Canada are encouraged to join the international membership of AAHKS. Learn more.

Contact Us

If your organization has interest in partnering with AAHKS as a Guest Society, hosting AAHKS as a Guest Society or for a Co-Branded Meeting in your country, please contact Joshua Kerr, Director of Advocacy and International Activities, at

International Orthopaedic and Specialty Societies

AAHKS has compiled a list of international orthopaedic and arthroplasty societies for your reference. Contact us if you need to add or update your listing. Download the list.

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