Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Recognition

The AAHKS Fellowship Recognition Program sets forth a common set of standards for adult reconstruction fellowship training programs and a process for recognizing adherence to such standards. 

Recognition Guidelines

Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Recognition Program

Ensuring that all adult reconstruction fellowship training programs provide the highest quality educational and training experience supports AAHKS’s core values and goal of producing technically skilled, highly qualified hip and knee surgeons.

Recognizing the need for more oversight and structure to adult reconstruction fellowship training, leadership and representatives from AAHKS, The Hip Society, The Knee Society and both small and large fellowship programs across North America developed the AAHKS Fellowship Recognition Program in 2023. The program includes a common set of standards that all arthroplasty programs must meet and a formal process for recognizing adherence to such standards.

The Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Recognition program will be overseen by the AAHKS Fellowship Committee. Its overarching goal is to ensure that adult reconstruction fellowship training programs are structured with solid foundational educational platforms while minimizing the administrative burden. Improvements to the oversight and structure of fellowship training will have a positive impact on programs, trainees and the profession.

Two distinct pathways will be provided for this process: provide documentation of ACGME accreditation or apply for AAHKS recognition. Requirements for both pathways are outlined in the Recognition Program Master Document, which provides an overview of the program and instructions for fellowship programs seeking AAHKS Recognition.

Over the next several years, participation in this program will become a requirement to participate in the AAHKS Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Match, as well as to receive AAHKS Fellowship Grants. 

Online Application

The online application portal has closed. The initial application period was from January 18-April 1, 2024. 

2024 Timeline:

*Subject to change


January 18


Online application portal opens. Information emailed to all current hip & knee Fellowship Programs
April 1 Submission Deadline for initial round of Recognition applications
April 1-July 1  


AAHKS Review Process
July 1 Initial decisions sent to programs; those not accepted will be given time to address issues and resubmit
July 1-31 


Remediation period for deficient programs to review and resolve issues
Aug 1-15


Final decisions sent to programs 
Aug 15


Process closed until following year 


Resources for Programs:

Fellowship Recognition Master Document

The full guide and step-by-step manual for programs applying to and participating in the Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Recognition Program. View and download the Master Document here

Fellowship Program List

Review institution contact information including website addresses for details on each program.  Go to the AAHKS Hip/Knee Fellowship program listing. Detailed descriptions of these programs are also listed in the Postgraduate Orthopaedic Fellowships online directory published by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

FOCAL Guidelines for Programs

Recognizing the need for a more structured fellowship education in adult reconstruction, the AAHKS FOCAL Committee created Fellowship Guidelines and a suggested curriculum for Adult Reconstruction Fellowship Programs. Access the Guidelines here.

Have questions?

Contact AAHKS at with any questions you have about Fellowship Recognition.

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