FARE Grant Application

Foundation for Arthroplasty Research and Education

The Foundation for Arthroplasty Research and Education (FARE) facilitates the AAHKS mission to advance patient care through leadership in education. FARE is a 501(c)(3) organization. Recipients of the FARE Grant are awarded up to $50,000 to studies conducted in North America.

The application serves as the Letter of Intent (LOI) to apply for the FARE Grant. The next deadline is Monday, February 5, 2024. The LOI will be reviewed by the Research Committee, and you will receive a decision within two weeks. If you are invited to move forward and submit a full proposal, you will receive further instructions. To submit your application, please click the apply button to begin. The winner(s)* will be announced during the 2024 AAHKS Annual Meeting, November 2-5.

*There is an award opportunity in each award cycle of up to $50,000 for a second exceptional study that might progress to the final level of review.

AAHKS Diversity Grant

FARE is happy to introduce the AAHKS Diversity Grant to support research focused on racial and ethnic disparities in hip and knee arthroplasty. This grant would fund up to two studies per year ($50,000 total) for a one-year cycle. Application and procedural processes will be similar to the FARE grant, with evaluation and awarding of the grant being a mutually collaborative process between both the AAHKS Diversity Advisory Board and Research Committee.

Each study should provide meaningful interventions into minority health disparities relative to hip and knee arthroplasty and/or identify and develop strategies to dismantle or mitigate effects of systemic racism. Investigators who receive the award will have demonstrated a sustained interest in research and excellence in their training with measurable goals to diversify the field.

Program Info

  1. Eligibility
      • Orthopaedic surgeon, AAHKS member/fellow.
      • Applicant may apply to only one FARE grant, including this grant.
  2. Project/Protocol Narrative
      • The application should address diversity issues in the proposal to include racial and ethnic groups, gender and age, disabilities, and disadvantaged backgrounds.
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