Established in 1991, the mission of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) is to advance hip and knee patient care through education, advocacy, research and outreach. We are committed to access for all to the highest quality hip and knee care, as well as to our core values of inclusivity, volunteerism, life-long learning, integrity, proactivity, professionalism and humanitarianism. AAHKS has a membership of over 4,600 surgeons and other hip and knee health care professionals.

Board of Directors

Bryan D. Springer, MD

First Vice President
Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS

Second Vice President
James I. Huddleston III, MD

Third Vice President
R. Michael Meneghini, MD

Immediate Past President
Richard Iorio, MD

Past President
C. Lowry Barnes, MD

Rafael J. Sierra, MD

Ryan M. Nunley, MD

Ronald E. Delanois, MD, Lt. Col., USAF, MC (RET)
David W. Manning, MD
William M. Mihalko, MD, PhD
Kimberly K. Tucker, MD

Executive Director
Michael J. Zarski, JD

Councils and Committees

Committee members typically serve two-year terms from March to March. A call for Committee applications goes out at the end of each year, and members can apply online.

Council Chairs and Vice Chairs

Education and Communications Council:  Gregory G. Polkowski II, MD, MSc and James A. Browne, MD
Health Policy Council:  Adam J. Rana, MD
Membership Council: James D. Slover, MD, MS

Committee Chairs  (Staff Liaison)

Advocacy: Adam J. Rana, MD  (Joshua Kerr)
Committee on Committees:  Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS  (Renalin Malvar-Ledda)
Digital Health and Social Media:  Shaun P. Patel, MD  (Kenneth Robinson)
Diversity Advisory Board:  Muyibat A. Adelani, MD and Adam A. Sassoon, MD, MS  (Chiara Rodgers)
Education:  Jeffrey B. Stambough, MD  (Sigita Wolfe)
Evidence-Based Medicine:  David S. Jevsevar, MD, MBA  (Sigita Wolfe)
Fellowship Match Oversight:  Michael J. Taunton, MD  (Amy Bolivar)
Finance:  Ryan M. Nunley, MD  (Sharon Creed)
FOCAL:  William G. Hamilton, MD  (Amy Bolivar)
Humanitarian:  J. Craig Morrison, MD  (Chiara Rodgers)
Industry Relations:  Lucian C. Warth, MD  (Jeff Mitchell)
International:  Michael H. Huo, MD  (Joshua Kerr)
Member Outreach:  Keith A. Fehring, MD  (Eileen Lusk)
Nominating:  Richard Iorio, MD  (Renalin Malvar-Ledda)
Patient and Public Relations:  Benjamin M. Stronach, MD, MS  (Kenneth Robinson)
Practice Management:  Alexander P. Sah, MD  (Joshua Kerr)
Program:  Jeremy M. Gililland, MD  (Sigita Wolfe)
Publications:  Samuel S. Wellman, MD  (Kenneth Robinson)
Quality Measures:  Robert S. Sterling, MD  (Sigita Wolfe)
Research:  Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc  (Chiara Rodgers)
Women in Arthroplasty:  Rina Jain, MD, FRCSC  (Eileen Lusk)
Young Arthroplasty Group:  Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD  (Joshua Kerr)


AAHKS Staff members serve as the administrative core of the association located in the Orthopaedic Headquarters in Rosemont, Illinois, USA. View list.


2022-2024News releases, weekly news blog, online press kit, media request instructions and the advertising rate card are in the AAHKS Newsroom.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is updated every three years by the Board of Directors to guide the association and the profession.


The AAHKS Bylaws detail the association’s purpose, membership descriptions, board structure and duties, committee and meeting structure and rules. Download the Bylaws.

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