AAHKS Amplified logoJoin AAHKS Health Policy Fellow and host, Chad A. Krueger, MD, in a comprehensive look at how AAHKS plays a critical role in advocating for physicians and patients in Washington, D.C. Advocacy Committee Chair and 2019 Presidential Award winner, James I. “Hutch” Huddleston III, MD talks about the history of AAHKS advocacy and the importance of getting involved at the national level. Immediate Past President Michael P. Bolognesi, MD joins the discussion along with Advocacy Committee Vice Chair Adam J. Rana, MD and Health Policy Fellow Roshan P. Shah, MD.


  1. The history of the AAHKS advocacy
  2. Getting involved at a national level
  3. Recent issues: IPO changes and misvalued codes
  4. Advocacy AAHKS is doing in the time of COVID-19
  5. First-hand report of advocacy impact on New York City program
  6. How AAHKS decides advocacy agenda
  7. What advocacy looks like on the ground
  8. The future of AAHKS advocacy and how members can get involved

In This Podcast

James I. “Hutch” Huddleston III, MD, AAHKS Advocacy Committee Chair
Michael P. Bolognesi, MD, AAHKS Immediate Past President
Adam J. Rana, MD, AAHKS Advocacy Committee Vice Chair
Roshan P. Shah, MD, AAHKS Health Policy Fellow
Chad A. Krueger, MD, AAHKS Health Policy Fellow

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