CMS Visit

AAHKS met at CMS headquarters this week (l. to r.) Health Policy Chair Mark I. Froimson, MD, MBA, Executive Director Mike Zarski, JD, regulatory counsel Gail Daubert, JD, President Brian S. Parsley, MD

President Brian S. Parsley, MD and Health Policy Chair Mark I. Froimson, MD, MBA, lead an AAHKS team that also included Executive Director Mike Zarski, JD and regulatory counsel Gail Daubert, JD on a visit to CMS headquarters in Baltimore. The team met with Marc Hartstein, Group Director, Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group; Kathy Bryant, JD, Director, Division of Practitioner Services, and others. The team shared with CMS our views on payment policy, proposals on modifying the global payment period, CMS-commissioned studies, and the joint registry. Formal comments will be filed by AAHKS on some of these pending proposals, but the group also informally explored additional ways in which to work together to improve the delivery of hip and knee arthroplasty services to Medicare beneficiaries.

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