AAHKS began 2014 with 2,076 members. We added 204 new members (net growth 183) in 2013. Year to date (as of 11/6/14), the Board has approved 273 new members. We have had 6 resignations, 5 dropped for non‐payment of dues, 4 deceased members (net growth YTD 258). We currently have over 70 domestic open applications.

A goal of 200‐250 new domestic members was set at the beginning of the year. To date 237 new domestic members have been approved. We hope to exceed 250 as of the December Board vote. So far this year, 16 Resident Members were advanced to Candidate status, 44 Candidate Members were advanced to Fellow status, and 14 Fellows fully retired from surgery and were therefore approved as Emeritus status.

The focus this year was working with our Resident Liaison and Canadian Resident Liaison to contact and recruit the Orthopedic Resident Programs. Each of the Liaisons emailed the programs in their respected country.

Below is the current membership breakdown as of November 6, 2014:

Fellow 1,547
Candidate 219
Affiliate 31
Associate 19
Resident 165
Emeritus 228
Honorary 1
International 124
International Resident 0
Grand Total 2,334